Jason Vanarkadie

Me and my friend Matt just spent a great 48 hours in Kingfisher Lake ( I spent 60). This was our first time to Mousehole Lakes.

Firstly I was meant by their very helpful Bailiff, who let me know the do’s and don’ts and gave me great advice.

After of loads of time spent choosing my swim I settled on 12/13.

Every swim is spacious, chip barked and well kept. This lake is very well designed, giving every swim a feature you can fish too. You may need a rubber mallet to get your bivvy pegs in.

The bailiff will check your rigs so make sure you got rig tubing on. Every swim has a good amount of water to fish, good room for casting and you don’t feel crowded by other anglers.

I remember being amazed when I first used the toilet for the first time. It’s a hut from the outside but open the door and the automatic lighting comes on and shows a tiled toilet with a heater that wouldn’t look out of place in a hotel lobby. Superbly clean and fresh smelling. It may be a small thing but makes a great first impression.

So it gets to about 4pm and the bailiff comes round to see if you want dinner. Whatever you do you have to try Joanne’s cooking, especially loved the chicken nuggets. When your food is ready it’s brought to your swim. This is the same for breakfast and dinner. You don’t get service like this anywhere else. Although I normally cook my own meals, with service like this I never would here. Prices are very reasonable.

So what you wanna know is how did it fish 😀 well the first night Matt had two lovely common carp. I think 11 and 13lb. Day two Matt had another I think it was 15lb 👍.

This meant it was time to change my pop up rigs to bottom baits and go tight to the island. So when does my first run come, just as I go to the toilet. Luckily Matt landed the most beautiful Mirror Carp for me.

This now filled me with confidence that I was now fishing right. I had a nice day bellied Common about 7pm but Night two provided me with a fight I won’t forget and a 25lb Mirror Carp and new PB.

So this complex is well thought out, clean, has good helpful bailiffs, great facilities including a shower block, rest room, drinks and snacks machine, food delivered to your swim and a good stock of fish (over 250 in Kingfisher with over 11 30lb+ fish) .

I have been to a lot of big well known fisheries (Orchid, Linear etc.) And I can tell you this is by far my favourite and not because I landed my first fish over 20lb. It’s because of the lakes, facilities and warm welcome/service provided by Dave and Joanne the owners. This couple are not after your money, they just want to give you a great fishing experience and one you won’t forget.

To Dave, Joanne and both the Bailiffs I met I THANK YOU. Your fishery is the best I’ve been to and I will be back for sure.