James Baseden

 I live 1 mile away from this venue and it was the first time I fished kingfisher swim 1 this weekend. What a fool I have been why didn’t I come sooner. Seriously I know we all fish for different reasons but this weekend I wouldn’t have cared if I didn’t catch because just being there meeting Joanne, David, Phil, Callum and co was brilliant.

Apart from catching the lake record let me tell you about how good this fishery is. I called Joanne and asked to get on the lake early and this was no bother for her calling to make sure people was still coming. Joanne managed to get me there Friday night which was great I got there around 9:30pm kindly greeted by Joanne. Got set up and got my head down for the night in swim 1. Lovely swim right next to everything great features nice bit of water to fish also.

Next morning came me and the Mrs was up sorting the rods out and Joanne and Dave come along and open the cafe up. And I thought banging get a breakfast to see what all this hype was about the cafe here. OH MY GOD now I’m not a small lad and I appreciate food but I couldn’t really believe how good it was. Sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns, black pudding, white pudding, beans, mushrooms, chips, bread, it was epic. Great thing was how consistent they was also with giving you the best possible service. The little things like David bringing the breakfast round, taking the plates asking if it’s all ok, anything else I need. at times I forgot I was on a fishing bank. They all really couldn’t help you enough.

So after my breakfast started talking to Callum the bailiff who gave me great advice very friendly once again nothing was to much bother for him. So during the day found all the features had a little walk round. The showers are brilliant and FREE there’s toilets all round the lakes which were sooo clean! There’s as log cabin with a vending machine, microwave, plugs, fridge table tv yes a tv seriously they have thought of it all. Not only are the lakes pukka the facilities are mustard.

One thing I did notice talking to David is how much he cares for the fish in his lakes but this reflects on the condition of them, the fish I saw come out were immaculate. So into the evening meal nice steak chips mushrooms onions and a good cup of tea. I couldn’t believe it I was eating like a king. One again cooked perfectly and the service from David was spot on. After that time to get my head down. But this time 4am a wake up call I pulled into a decent fish which took a bit of time getting in fought really well. Finally got him in and what a absolute stunning fish a 34lb 12oz common carp not a mark on him PB for me and a lake record made my night.

In the morning both David and Joanne came up and shook my hand well done and it’s little things like that that go a long way. Seriously I have never experienced better people skills than David and Joanne I got treated better on a fishing bank than I do when I go shopping for cars lol. Nothing was to much trouble asking if I wanted anything as they pops out shopping etc.

Seriously I cannot express how good this fishery is, I’m disappointed I didn’t try it sooner being so close. I had the one fish lost 2 the weekend but I had the lake record so really happy about that. Phil was brilliant knew his stuff once again helped anyway he possibly could.

Nothing was too much trouble for anyone. Even other anglers were soo polite it was such a great place to fish. I go fishing to enjoy it and hopefully catch fish, some people want the biggest they can get others just want time on the bank. But seriously if you want the best fishing experience ever go to mousehole lakes. I felt I was on holiday and I lived a mile away. The Mrs didn’t want to come home she enjoyed it that much so whilst she was in a good mood I booked a week in June and a few weekends in a row. They have really hit the nail on the head head please believe me. Thank you all for great weekend see you all soon